Esperit. From young talent to successful winner.

Such a complete cultivation partner is truly handy!

What could be better for a plant than growing up at Esperit? Nowhere else a plant is pampered more than at Esperit's. It already begins at Esperit Youngs, our specialised section for breeding and propagating plant reproduction material. Cuttings from around the world are given a kickstart under ideal conditions. Many of the plants cultivated at Esperit are exclusive. Quite often, they are discoveries made somewhere in the world by our very own specialist, who has just one goal: spotting plant varieties with commercial potential.

After that flying start, the young plants grow quickly and move on to a career at Esperit Plants, the specialist in finishing off green and flowering plants. The same optimal conditions are found here, too, because we make tough demands of our plants. The criteria cover ornamental value, exclusivity, longevity. If the plant meets those criteria, then the ultimate reward awaits: delivery to the trade. These traders believe in long-term relationships, just like we do, making agreements about volumes and prices, possibly on the basis of exclusivity.

And then there are plants that receive an internal promotion: to Esperit Elements, where arrangements are created with plants we grew ourselves. This means that at Esperit we have young plants, mature plants and plants in arrangements. Handy having a complete cultivation partner, isn't it?