Here is a description of our general tips for caring for plants.

These are the tips for Esperit Ficuss plants:

A ficus does well in either a bright spot or in partial shade. Make sure the plant is not in direct sunlight during the hot summer months. Once you have found a place for it, it is better not to move it again. It costs the plant a lot of energy to get used to a new location. If the ficus is growing too much in one direction, you can of course turn it around, at best a little bit at a time.

The more light the plant has, the more water it needs. The amount of water given must therefore be adjusted according to the location. It is important to water the plant regularly and ensure that the root ball does not dry out entirely. During the resting period (winter), just water it a little with lukewarm water. In the summer, the ficus appreciates a shower in the form of rain. That happens in nature after all.

To keep the plant strong and healthy, it is advisable to add houseplant food to the water once every two weeks. The rule is: regularity is important!

After a year the ficus has absorbed all the nutrients from the soil in the pot. That is why the ficus can greatly appreciate fresh soil every year. Repot it into a larger pot. The potting soil for houseplants available in bags is sufficient. To ensure good drainage, place a potsherd, or something of a similar shape, at the bottom of the pot with the convex side upwards. Larger plants (a meter or more) only have to be repotted once every two or three years. NB: after repotting, the plant will grow strongly.

While a ficus can tolerate wind in the wild, inside a house a ficus is disturbed by draughts. In fact, it cannot stand them. Cold or warm air flows will cause leaves to drop off and weaken young leaves. Your ficus will quickly start to look terrible.

The ficus keeps growing
This is evident from the young, lighter coloured leaves. Older leaves will fall off. This is a natural process that happens to most trees in the autumn. Luckily, the ficus will continue to make new leaves. Ficuses with a smooth leaf surface must be dusted regularly. Dusting can be done with a sponge, a cloth or bits of cotton.

The ficus outside
Our varieties Danielle®, Midnight Lady®, Samantha®, Golden Monique®, Twilight® and Anastasia® are suitable for life outside on your balcony or terrace. As soon as the temperature remains above 16°C, these varieties can remain outside. Ensure that they are placed out of the wind, avoid direct sunlight, and keep the soil sufficiently moist. Your outdoor ficus will have a long life with this kind of care.

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